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Adjusted a few things on my baby, and now it finally feels like she’s complete. The lack of bows was highly disturbing. So of course something had to be done about that. Ever since she was released it felt like she was missing something. And this was just the thing to give her that extra unf. Now, all that is left to do is to make an under skirt.

Oh man this is so great~

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I haven’t been on much and here’s why:

Our internet is shit. I get tired of fighting with it trying to make one post or Polyvore set. So I usually have to wait until I can go somewhere with great internet to post.

BUUT we’re supposed to be getting good internet here in a few months so maybe that will work out. Until then, I’ll be posting slowly.

I’ll try and post a few OOTD from myself on here to make up for it. And maybe a gothy haul.

Night, lovelies!

Or day, evening, morning. Wherever you may live.



Evening cape ca. 1895

From the Metropolitan Museum of Art

This is one of the most beautiful garments I’ve ever seen.

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